Fabrice Pellegrin

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Fabrice Pellegrin Senior Perfumer

"I imagined a sensual patchouli, at once addictive, deep and mysterious. The composition finds a balance between the richness of patchouli and the powdery sweetness of cocoa."

Son of a perfumer, his grandmother abeloved jasmine picker and his grandfather a supplier of naturals for perfumery, Fabrice remains strongly connected to Grasse.

Fabrice’s expertise is not limited to his creative talent but also to his mastery of natural ingredients and his passion for the heritage of Grasse perfumery. He likes to create juices with a strong personality and his imprint is unmistakable.

Fabrice deserves credit for composing top selling fragrances for Diptyque, Réminiscence, l’Occitane, Hermès, By Kilian, Jo Malone, Reminiscence and L’Artisan Parfumeur.

"Just like the world of fashion, perfumery is constantly redesigning, rewriting and setting trends.″

Patchouli Mania

Patchouli Mania

An addictive and bewitching patchouli note.

At the opening, davana and green hazelnut bring a gourmand and aromatic notes which blends with the spicy woody note of coriander seed. An addictive dose of cocoa balanced with deep and woody notes of tea, bring a gourmand heart. Finally, the woody, warm and earthy base reveals a mysterious patchouli in harmony with the sensuality and roundness of vetiver.