You all know our perfume Bois Imperial by Quentin Bisch … but do you know what makes it so special and inimitable ?

This sensual, woody and fresh fragrance was created around a precious and extraordinary wood : Akigalawood

Adorned with fresh spices, it is a great woody note made of contrasts, between patchouli and Thai Basil.



Akigalawood is a new generation of natural captives from Bioscience created in laboratory by Givaudan. It is produced by enzymatic reaction on a specific fraction of Indonesian patchouli oil. This is an ingredient developed by Givaudan and protected by a patent for 25 years. It is not sold to other companies, so only Givaudan perfumers can use it in their composition, thus bringing a unique olfactory signature, while protecting the creation from copying.

This revolutionary ingredient is derived from patchouli essential oil, offering both woody and peppery notes. According to Givaudan “this new ingredient is similar to patchouli, combined with spicy pepper scents and a precious nuance of Agarwood”. With the presence of Akigalawood, the fragrance gradually becomes warm and woody. It also offers mysterious tones, with a subtle sparkle. It is an amazing raw material interacting with others like a chameleon. In contact with them, it metamorphoses. It does not have the density and depth of a natural patchouli essence, but it offers a totally new lightness and intensity.

Akigalawood is used in many perfumes’ composition for its ability to bring warmth and depth. It is also appreciated for its durability, as it is more stable than natural patchouli oil and can be used in larger quantities without risk of olfactory degradation.

As explained above, Akigalawood is a captive obtained through biotechnology. Biotechnology in perfumery refers to the use of molecular and cellular biology techniques to produce fragrance ingredients used in the manufacture of perfumes. These techniques allow the production of ingredients from micro-organisms, plant or animal cells grown in the laboratory, without the need to harvest natural raw materials.

They offer many advantages over the use of natural ingredients. They allow the production of ingredients in a more sustainable and ethical manner, avoiding the seasonal constraints and quality variations associated with the use of natural raw materials. In addition, biotechnology-produced ingredients are often purer and more stable than natural ingredients.

The use of biotechnology is increasing in the perfume industry to produce innovative and sustainable ingredients, while maintaining high quality standards.

The word Akigalawood comes from the Japanese terms “Aki” meaning “autumn” and “galawood”, a made-up word to describe the smell of gaiac wood, as it evokes warm, woody notes reminiscent of autumn. Akigalawood is now considered a key ingredient in the fragrance industry for its versatility and durability.

Quentin Bisch really adores Akigalawood and handle it wonderfully. He has perfectly sublimated it in Bois Impérial. Have you already smell it?

Now you know almost all its secrets!


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