Thank you to some of our amazing contributors…

Nothing would have been possible without you. We were very fortunate to have you.

Our family, for their patience, endless love,…

Our fabulous Perfumers and Fragrance houses, for their creativity and professionalism.

Jessie Daniel
Expert in fragrance development since 40 years for major brands (Dior, Lanvin, Rochas, Nina Ricci,…)
Teacher in the French Perfumery School in Paris
Previously Senior VP of Fine Fragrance at IFF over 10 years.

Anais Marzo – Designer

Veronique Pollet from Bubbly Communication
Creation and development of our website

Hugo Tordjman –  Photographer
For all our pictures and videos

All our stickers on the product from Printor Packaging (merci Nathalie et Gilles)

The 2ml and 10ml done by Flacopharm and their amazing team (merci Laurent et Christophe)

Thank you Cofatech (merci Dom, Doro, Celine, Brigitte).

And thank you our glass maker, packaging, pump, cap, vials, manufacturer, 3PL in France and in the US,…. And so much more.

And to many others for their advice, contacts,…


Thank you.