Birds are singing, beautiful days are coming back, trees are budding, flowers are coloring nature, animals are in love …

Spring is coming!

Spring is the season of nature’s renewal, but it is also a season of happiness, thanks to the return of the sun. Did you know that the International Day of Happiness also takes place on March 20th ? It is the time to open your windows, to air your mind and to let yourself go to the pleasure of listening to the birds singing !

Let’s briefly review the etymology of the word spring. The word spring is actually composed of two words : “prin” (beginning) and “time”. Thus, spring is the first time, that is to say the first season of the year. In the past, in Ancient Rome, we used the word Primerose to describe spring. This is also the name given to the first flower that grows at this time of year.

Spring is synonymous of the nature’s awakening. The trees, stripped of their leaves during the autumn, come to life again under the effect of the mild temperatures, the frequent rains and the slightly more present sun. The buds, which remained closed during winter, open and new leaves of a tender green appear and grow. Some fruit trees let appear pretty white, pink or purple flowers, to give way to young leaves.

As spring that is once again adorned with flowers and colors, our Parisian flagship is dressed in an explosion of flowers ! There is nothing better than Spring to put a little poetry at Essential Parfums. White flowers, symbol of elegance and simplicity, are honored.


Do not hesitate to come and discover our beautiful flagship at 32 rue du Bourg Tibourg in Paris !

Here is a small preview to whet your curiosity …

See you soon !


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