Dive into the madness of Patchouli with Patchouli Mania from Essential Parfums ! If you thought patchouli was reserved for the hippies of the 70s, think again !

For all fragrance lovers or those curious about niche perfumery, are you looking to spice up your fragrance routine? Don’t look further ; shake up your scented world with Patchouli Mania from Essential Parfums.


The Patchouli Madness

Patchouli has always been that mysterious and enchanting note that has captivated fragrance enthusiasts worldwide. It is an iconic ingredient in perfumery, but with Patchouli Mania, patchouli takes center stage again. It is both earthy and woody, indulgent and hypnotic. The initial aromatic and gourmand notes of davana and green hazelnuts open up to the intense base of patchouli and cocoa. You will be transported into a world where sensuality reigns.


Fabrice Pellegrin

Before diving into the universe of Pathcouli Mani, let’s get to discover its perfumer. Fabrice Pellegrin, a renowned perfumer, is the creative mind behind this unique fragrance. With many years of experience at Firmenich, Fabrice Pellegrin is recognized for his creations at Courrèges, Diptyque, Jean Paul Gaultier, and now Essential Parfums.



When to Wear Patchouli Mania

Wondering how to wear Patchouli Mania ? Well, there’s no strict rules. Wear it whenever you want, wherever you want. You can wear it during intimate moments, on special occasions, or simply to brighten your day. Let this fragrance evoke unique emotions and memories every time you wear it.



So, ready to dive into the patchouli madness?

Patchouli Mania by Fabrice Pellegrin is here to take you on a sensory journey you won’t soon forget. It is a work of art that finally highlights Patchouli as the main character of the perfume and assumed olfactory marker, it is not relegated to the background which makes it a unique fragrance.  Join us on this fragrant adventure and let your passion for patchouli become a mania. Madness suits you so well !


Let yourself be tempted : Patchouli Mania by Fabrice Pellegrin 


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