At Essential Parfums, we believe that haute perfumery at an accessible price is not only possible, but also the best way forward. By cutting out the middleman and traditional modes of advertising, we’re able to bypass costs that take away from the quality of our scents. We then pass these saving to you. Our design reflects this belief as well; each elegant glass bottle puts the focus on the precious contents within, labelled simply with the fragrance name and perfumer’s signature.

Haute perfumery, sustainable and affordable

Do you know the difference between a shower gel and our liquid soaps?

Shower Gel

  • Manufacturing process : heavy chemistry, comes from petrochemicals
  • Very polluting for the environment, strong emissions
  • Synthetic formula
  • PH close to that of the skin

Our Liquid Soap

  • Manufacturing process : traditional, ancestral, artisanal
  • No pollution, no emissions in the air, in the water or in the ground
  • Natural formula. 98% natural. Excellent biodegration
  • Naturally glycerin, it cleanses and nourishes your skin without attacking it or drying it
  • Very respectful of sensitive skin