In the captivating world of perfumery, there are artists whose talent transcends the boundaries of creativity and who manage to capture emotions in every bottle. Olivier Pescheux is one of these perfumery geniuses, an olfactory magician with the ability to create fragrances that touch those who smell them.




A calling for perfumery

Olivier Pescheux is a renowned perfumer, but above all, he is a storyteller of olfactory tales. His passion for perfumery awakened at a very young age, and over the years, he refined his art to become one of the most respected names in the industry.


Creator of sensory experiences

Olivier Pescheux’s perfumes are not just blends of ingredients; they are sensory experiences. Each of his perfumes tells a story, evokes memories, and stirs emotions. His talent lies in his ability to create fragrances that transcend the mere act of smelling good.



Olivier Pescheux & Essential Parfums

We were fortunate to collaborate with Olivier Pescheux, and his creation, Divine Vanille, redefines vanilla in the contemporary olfactory landscape. Divine Vanille, sweet and mysterious, awakens the senses with its pods, a gentle dream with every spray. It envelops our dreams with its warmth. This precious elixir is a treasure of woody and suave sweetness.


Memorable fragrances

Countless memorable perfumes have been created by Olivier Pescheux. His work with Paco Rabanne, Diptyque, and many others has won the hearts of fragrance enthusiasts worldwide. His creations are characterized by their complexity, originality, and longevity on the skin.


A fragrant legacy

Olivier Pescheux’s work will endure long beyond his career. Each perfume he creates is a contribution to the olfactory heritage, a signature of his love for the art of perfumery.

Olivier Pescheux is an alchemist of emotions, an artist of the senses. His ability to create perfumes that touch sensitively is what sets him apart. We pay tribute to Olivier Pescheux for his dedication to the art of perfumery and for creating fragrances that will continue to inspire and delight future generations.

I adored not only working with you Olivier but most of all having the privilege of knowing you.

Thank you, Olivier!



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