I am Geraldine, the founder of Essential Parfums.

I have spent my entire life in the fragrance world. My father was in the perfumery industry and he introduced my mother to it when they met. He spent 15 years at Rochas during its heyday in the 1970s, then created with my mother their own brand, Parfums Aubusson, where I worked for 15 years.

Afterwards, I explored other brands and was fascinated by the popularity of niche perfume brands. It was amazing to see the launch of alternative brands with their own unique creations and daring scents, often in beautifully designed and high-end packaging, but also often very expensive.


Why does it have to cost so much to smell different?

Our industry is very opaque about the origin of its products, and we need to be more transparent. Today, it’s important for me to be:
– Transparent
– Environmentally conscious- Highlight the perfumers
– Offer high-end perfumery at affordable prices
– And most importantly, to focus on the essence of fragrance

So, in September 2018, we combined all of these elements and created Essential Parfums with a new approach to high-end perfumery.

As you know, our perfumers are the stars of the show.

They’ve been hidden behind brands for too long and now they all accepted to put their name on each bottle, with a photo and description of their scent.

Have you also noticed the number on the label? For example, MOD 1151EX on Bois Imperial by Quentin Bisch. It’s simply the reference of the ultimate lab test that became the fragrance.

And as we really want to be transparent, we also include the concentration of each scent. They are all between 16% and 17%, and no other brand provides this information.

Amazing no?

As I told you, the essential will always be the essence.

Our perfumers were given complete creative freedom and a generous budget to use the best ingredients. When I work on a scent with each perfumer, I require a high percentage of natural ingredients, at least one sustainably harvested raw material, and of course, it must smell good.

Did you know that perfumers work with about 1500 raw materials, split between natural and synthetic ones , but only about 20 are harvested sustainably. It’s expensive to set this up, which is why not all brands do it.

I work with three different fragrance houses: Givaudan, Firmenich, and IFF. For example, IFF has a beautiful, sustainably harvested Turkish Damask Rose, found in Rose Magnetic by Sophie Labbé, that others don’t have. We’ve always found what we need.

Our fragrances are between 86% and 93% natural, without added coloring.

They are their natural color and are macerated with beetroot alcohol. Nice Bergamote by Antoine Maisondieu or Divine Vanille by Olivier Pescheux are naturally more colorful because of the main ingredient.

Every year, we launch a new scent.
Soon a new opus will be released, a chic patchouli by Fabrice Pellegrin and a large floral by Anne Flipo in 2024.

In March 2023, all of our 100ml bottles will be refillable !

Refills will arrive in May and you will easily refill your bottle at home without spilling or damaging your grandma’s piece of furniture.

And there are more surprises to come… I can’t wait to tell you more.

See you soon.



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