Designer & fonder of Objets de Convoitises


What is your background ?

My name is Alnoor.

After studying industrial design and graphic art, I founded my design agency specialized in perfume and cosmetics, which I named “Objets de convoitises”.

When and how did you know you wanted to become a designer ?

Since childhood, my passion was cars, so I studied automotive engineering. Then, fate introduced me to JP Gaultier and Christian Louboutin, who convinced me to work in fashion. That’s how I started designing shoes, accessories, jewelry, and especially small handbag sprays. Gradually, I created my first perfume bottle. It suited me perfectly because the world of perfume is magical and sits at the intersection of fashion and industry.

Can you tell us more about your profession ? What does it entail in concrete terms ?

The first part of my job is, of course, drawing !

But with a specific goal, as I have to create an object that is aesthetic, intelligent, innovative, useful, and in line with current trends. As Pierre Cardin said, my job is to make beauty accessible to everyone.

However, the reality of my job is 90% about manufacturing studies, technical plans, and prototypes ! It’s important to understand that being a designer is not the same as being an artist. We serve a brand, a consumer, so it’s very technical because it’s not enough to design a beautiful object ; it must also be manufacturable on an industrial scale and sustainable. Therefore, I must fully understand the brand’s history so that each aesthetic line corresponds to a part of its heritage, and I must have technical knowledge of glass flows or plastic mold release angles to bring the object to life.


What are your sources of inspiration ?

I am curious about everything ! I visit art galleries, major museum exhibitions, theaters, operas, and shows. I am equally passionate about 18th-century art and contemporary art, and I surf on TikTok, Instagram. I observe people’s outfits at café terraces, and I attend Fashion Weeks and decoration fairs. Everything nourishes me !

What is your vision of design ?

In my opinion, being a designer is about empathy ! I repeat, we are not artists ; we draw for a cause, a brand, and its ethics, not for our ego… Design is a blend of technology, art, and contemporary trends !

What is your creative process like ?

It’s primarily about reflection ! I absorb as much information as possible (aesthetics, history, techniques, etc.), ponder for a few days, and then sketch a few drawings. I let them mature, and when I comeback to my drawings, I know which ones deserve to be translated into 3D to become almost real images.

What are your passions in life ? Do they influence your creations ?

Always automobiles in general, but also contemporary art, French decorative arts of the 17th and 18th centuries, gastronomy, and perfume !

What does Essential Parfums represent to you ?

Essential Parfums represents rerassurance to me ! It is a brand that values perfumers, true perfumery as we would always like it to be, with beautiful ingredients, creativity, and poetry. I appreciate the ethical balance they maintain, which honors both the fragrance and the perfumer, along with magnificent ingredients.

 What have you done for Essential Parfums ?

I am delighted to have contributed to the revival of the iconic bottle, bringing it a status and subtle personal codes !


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