As the night falls early and winter’s monotony sets in, let the fresh, sparkling scents of citrus lift your spirits and revitalize you.Citrus fragrances, based on bergamot, orange and lemon, take us away from the winter doldrums to bright, fragrant lands, instantly evoking summer, sunshine and good cheer.

At the heart of these sunny fragrances are emblematic ingredients such as bergamot, lemon and orange.


BERGAMOT (Citrus Bergamia)

Known since antiquity, the origins of bergamot are nevertheless highly mysterious. It seems to have appeared as if by magic on the Mediterranean coast of Calabria, in southern Italy, the fruit of a natural hybridisation between the citron and the bitter orange tree. All in all, a small miracle of nature, and a zest with such a unique flavour that it quickly won over perfumers. Its tangy freshness is remarkable. At once bitterly bitter and suavely sweet. Intimately linked to the region’s micro-climate, bergamot really flourishes nowhere else. Nicknamed the green gold of Calabria, the citrus fruit is now the greatest asset and pride of this rural region of Italy, from where 95% of the world’s bergamot is produced.

The technique for obtaining it has been handed down from generation to generation. As with all citrus fruits, the essence is obtained by cold expression. The rind of the fruit is scraped off mechanically (sometimes by hand for the most traditional quality, known as “à l’éponge”).  A small peculiarity of bergamot is that, depending on the degree of ripeness of the fruit, the bergamot essence will take on different tones. If the fruit is still green, the essence will be fresher and more acidic; if the fruit is yellow, the essence will be more floral and sweeter.

For Nice Bergamote, Antoine Maisondieu will use a great vintage of bergamot to create the fragrance’s dazzling flight and irresistible hold. Orpur ®” quality, the most exceptional and finest, the result of rigorous selection and perfect technique. A great vintage of bergamot for an exceptional fragrance.

LEMON & LIME (Citrus Aurantifolia)

Next to bergamot, lemon stands as one of the most commonly used citrus fruits in perfumery.

Its zesty, intensely fresh and luminous fragrance offers radiance and sparkle.

There are many varieties of lemon used in perfumery. In Mon Vétiver by Bruno Jovanovic, it’s an essence of Mexican lime that comes to the fore.

Unlike other citrus fruits, lime essential oil is obtained by distillation. The fruit’s peel is distilled to extract its essential oil, which has a very refreshing and recognizable aroma. This essence brings a fresh, green and sparkling note of lemon, with accents of Coca Cola.

Citrus Aurantifolia, a member of the Rutaceae family, is a small tree, growing from 3 to 5 meters high, constantly adorned with its delicate white and red flowers. The fruit is produced regularly, and its juice, with its pronounced acidity, characterizes its essence.

For Mon Vétiver by Bruno Jovanovic, Bruno Jovanovic will shape the fragrance’s elegant woody signature around an LMR Haiti Vetiver from a certified “For Life” crop. And it’s Mexican lime that lights up its much-appreciated flight. Combined with juniper essence, it creates a sparkling, eye-catching gin accord that gives the fragrance its personality.

BITTER ORANGE (Citrus Aurantium L.)

The bitter orange comes from the Bigaradier tree, a cross between the citron and mandarin, and grows mainly in warm regions around the Mediterranean. Although its fruit is very bitter and not very edible fresh, this tree is invaluable to perfumers. Its leaves, bark and flowers are used to create a wide range of fragrance ingredients.

The sweet, mild and slightly tangy scent of bitter orange brings radiance, sweetness and freshness, captivating the senses of those who approach it.

In Orange X Santal by Natalie Gracia Cetto, the composition blends two exceptional qualities of bitter orange essences. The first is the result of a meticulous process that combines cold expression with molecular distillation. This essence, rich in fresh, fruity aldehydic notes, is an essential part of the olfactory composition, providing natural, long-lasting freshness. The second, derived from a fresh orange peel expression technique followed by molecular distillation, further enriches the composition with its fruity, woody notes and elegant bitterness.

The sparkling freshness of orange juice, the bitterness of zest and the essential oil of basil combine to evoke the sunny shores of the Italian coast. Bright and cheerful, this fragrance instantly transports you to moments of happiness and vitality.

Embrace winter with a joyful fragrance


In addition to their use in perfumery, citrus fruits also offer therapeutic benefits for the mind and for health. Boosting our immunity, aiding digestion and protecting our heart, these fruits make a valuable contribution to our well-being. Their fresh, fruity aromas evoke summer memories and transport us to moments of happiness and carefreeness, offering a breath of fresh air in the heart of winter.

In conclusion, citrus fruits are our most faithful allies in facing winter with optimism and vitality. Their sunny fragrances warm our hearts and transport us to bright horizons, enabling us to savor every moment of this cold season with a smile on our lips and a dose of good humor. So let yourself be intoxicated by these enchanting fragrances and take full advantage of their benefits.

What scents bring you warmth and comfort during the winter season ?


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